Anime Art Generator AI

Create custom anime art with the style of One Piece, Naruto and other epic manga. Simply input a character and the anime series title, and the AI will generate the anime character image for you
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Here are some examples you can create with the tool:


The Anime Art Generator creates anime or manga art using AI technology. That's right, now you can make your very own anime art (or fan art, if you prefer) and put it on your phone background, use it as your wallpaper, or even create anime posters from it. The tool is easy to use and offers a wide range of options, including the ability to create art featuring characters from popular anime series such as "One Piece" or "Sword Art Online."

Step-by-Step Guide

To use the prompt, follow these steps:

  1. Type the image that you want to generate, preferably 1-2 word. Or click "Prompt sample" button, for a quick idea.
  2. Click on the "Generate Art" button
  3. Wait a few seconds.
  4. wait for the app to create a beautiful image for you. You'll be amazed by the result!
  5. Download the art in the desired format (PNG or JPG).

Example usage

Let's say you want to create an anime art featuring the popular "One Piece" character Luffy. Here's how you can use the Anime Generator to do just that:

  1. Type "Luffy from One Piece" at input box above.
  2. Press Generate button.
  3. Wait for result.

You can also modify the result generated by providing new prompt on prompt editor(after you open the app).

Why Creating Anime Art Using AI?

AI technology has revolutionized the way we create and experience art. By allowing machines to do the work for us, we can free up time and energy to focus on other aspects of our lives. Additionally, AI-generated art often has its own unique style and personality, which can complement the already diverse anime and manga scenes. If you're a fan of anime or manga, or you just love beautiful art, the anime art generator is a fantastic tool to check out.

Note, The example image above is using SDXL model (which is also free).

If you want to generate higher quality image like above:

  1. Open the AiSudo app
  2. Click "New Model"
  3. Select SDXL model and follow the instruction.
  4. Copy prompt result from your last session to the new session.

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