AiSudo is a chat and image generation app.

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A Prompt Editor that Helping You Crafting Precise Instructions, Generating Image, Writing Article
and Many More! 🤯

System Instruction 🔳

This tool allows you to craft precise instructions, ensuring your AI delivers accurate responses. AiSudo aims to simplify the complex process of working with AI models by providing a simple, user-friendly interface that guides users through the process of prompt prototyping to create accurate instructions.

Prompt Override 🏇

Create custom templates for your prompts. When a prompt design is finalized, users can easily create customized prompts that are specific to their AI projects. This makes it easy to reuse the same instructions across multiple projects, saving time and effort. Place this code anywhere on your override: << prompt >>,
the result prompt will be formatted using your template.

Prompt Queue ⛓

Tired writing the same prompt over and over? Worry no more! This is a simple but sopisthicated solution for your prompt management. Save and test your prompt one-by-one to get a laser precision reply from AI. You can even stack your prompt and send it all together!
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"If AI Model is the brain, then prompt is the heart!"
Reasons for using AiSudo prompt builder

green check icon Image Generation

Create stunning images with just a few clicks. Unleash your imagination and get result right away. Perfect for designers, artists, and anyone who loves creativity.

green check icon Article Generator

Always ready to generate content that's both relevant and entertaining. No coding skills needed - just type, and let the magic happen!

green check icon Design AI Bot Character

Create non boring Chat AI with personality. You can make your AI reply like: a strict teacher, a playfull student, or even as a medieval warrior with tragic background..

green check icon Simple Search Engine

Need to understand a topic quickly and tired jumping from one article to another article? Just type the question and costumize how the AI reply it.

green check icon Social Media

Boost your social media game with our AI-powered tool. Easy to use, it helps you create engaging content. Perfect for influencers, streamers, and businesses alike.

green check icon Marketing

Create marketing pitch for email and social media. You can also generate engaging ads title and content right away!

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